Dec 16, 2015

H-Cup Former Film Actress Amy Yip(葉子楣) Rumored To Be Making A Comeback

The currently 49 years old Amy Yip(葉子楣) has always been known as one of Hong Kong's sex symbols in the late 80s and early 90s. She has since disappeared from the silver screen after her last movie "Underground Judgement(地下裁決)" in 1994. After being away from the entertainment world for 21 years to be her orthopaedic doctor boyfriend Sammy Lui(呂錫照)'s woman, she's rumored to be making a comeback in recent days. It is said she's working hard to get back into shape!

As stated by the report, Amy Yip and her boyfriend Sammy Lui still have yet to tie the knot after dating for over 23 years. The two may have been living together like a married couple for many years but they are rumored to be losing their sparks in the relationship recently. It is said they don't even see each other all that often anymore and only eat together every other 3 weeks. ( Therefore, she's revealed to be working herself back into her mesmerizing figure to get back into the entertainment world in recent days. According to sources, she's running several times a day and doing over 1000 sit-ups everyday.

Regarding the rumor, Amy said: "I did have the urge to get married in the past but the matter has been dragged on for way too long. I do feel a little bored hanging out with my boyfriend now. I think it's better for us both if we give each other some space." As for if she wants to make a comeback, Amy indicated she's not making any preparations but she has always been keeping up with what's going on in the entertainment world. At the same time, she also claimed there are way too many young models nowadays for her to compete. However, many of her loyal fans are already excited over the rumor of her comeback and waiting to see her back on the silver screen!

H-Cup Former Film Actress Amy Yip(葉子楣) Rumored To Be Making A Comeback

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  1. Seriously, who wants to watch her anymore? There are plenty of young cute girls on there willing to do anything to become famous. Your time is long gone.