Dec 18, 2015

Heidi Chan(陳慧玲) Confirms Divorce With Chau Cheok Wa(周焯華)

30 years old mixed race model Mandy Lieu was photographed attending a dinner party with Macau casino tycoon Chau Cheok Wa(周焯華) in August 2014. Afterward, Mandy admitted on Weibo that the two are dating and they have been together ever since. In a video that was released in November 2014, the two are seen playing baccarat at a casino in Macau and Chau Cheok Wa was sitting on top of Mandy like a cushion.

In order to lock up Chau Cheok Wa, Mandy played her best card by getting herself pregnant with his child. Afterward, Mandy moved to London and gave birth to a baby daughter. However, she has been maintaining contact with Chau Cheok Wa all these times. ( After 9 months, Mandy finally made her return back to Hong Kong yesterday. She arrived at Hong Kong at around 7 pm and immediately went to meet up with Chau Cheok Wa at a hot pot restaurant. At around midnight, the two publicly held hands as they made their way back home together.

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Heidi accepted a phone interview with reporter earlier this evening and admitted she and Chau Cheok Wa are in the process of a divorce after she saw the news report of Chau Cheok Wa publicly holding hands with Mandy.

In fact, Heidi was already thinking about a possible divorce last month since she can't accept sharing his husband with someone else. After she saw the report of her husband holding hands with another woman on TV during midnight, she decided to go through with the divorce. (

When asked if Heidi is in fact getting a divorce, she calmly said: "Yes, I am filing for a divorce. I can't reveal any details since I am letting my lawyer handle the case. Thank you for the concern."

According to sources, Heidi will be getting the custody of the two daughters and Chau Cheok Wa will also be moving out from their luxury home in Macau.

As for the planned family trip, Heidi has decided to stay behind in Hong Kong to take care of the divorce. While Chau Cheok Wa will continue on the family trip to Japan with the kids.

Heidi Chan(陳慧玲) Confirms Divorce With Chau Cheok Wa(周焯華)

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  1. What took so long? You should have divorced him a long time ago. Get half of his assets and forget about him from now on. Let Mandy worry about his cheating and affairs now.

  2. Support Heidi's decision all the way. Get a good lawyer and get half his fortune and start a new life with your 2 daughters. You are still young and still can find a man who knows how to treat, love and respect you. I just feel sorry for all the kids for having such a horny womanizer as a father.

  3. Hope that M will be his last ..../

  4. Hope that M will be his last ..../

  5. Good job Heidi, get yourself out of this mess!

  6. I wish Heidi the best. It wasn't smart of her to stay as long as she did but since she never cheated, she deserves so much better. Hopefully she can find someone that respects her loyalty and devotion.

  7. Good on you Heidi! I say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Taking yourself out of the equation is the best you can do to love yourself a little more, prevent yourself from being hurt further, be a role model for your daughters (this will empower them when they become women), and have the dignity you so deserve.

    The cheater deserves the home wrecker. They belong to each other. Remember, karma is a B!@#$.

    So, take care of yourself Heidi during this difficult period. You will come out victorious and much happier.

    The ending of the entire saga will read: Heidi Chan THE DIVORCEE, Alvin Chau THE CHEATER and Mandy Lieu THE HOMEWRECKER (aka THE S!@#).

    1. I agree, it's not worth suffering all that psychological trauma, public humiliation and shame all for someone who put her in that position in the first place. Heidi already looked the other way with a pile of women her husband went through. To have another child with another women and give the woman recognition too?

      Not worth it whatsoever. I think she stayed that long thinking it'd be an obstacle to Mandy and only out of spite, I'm sure she stopped loving Alvin, as she should have, a long time ago.

      I wish her the best and have a new respect for this woman. She JUST had a baby recently so it must have been difficult to walk away from her marriage but it is the right thing to do.