Dec 11, 2015

Kwong Chor Fai(鄺佐輝)'s Cancer Has Spread To Other Organs

The currently 59 years old cancer fighter Tony Kwong Chor Fai(鄺佐輝) was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in 2014. His condition was getting better after receiving treatment. His professionalism was an inspiration to all as he was still working during the early stage of diagnosis. However, his cancer has returned and has been spread to other organs. After various attempts to stabilize his condition, he has decided to give up on chemotherapy and he is now staying in the hospital.

Loses A Lot of Weight
Last night, Artiste Training Alumni Association vice president Mak Chun Kong(麥振江), Annie Liu(廖安麗), Anna Ng(吳沅儀), etc visited Kwong Chor Fai at the hospital. In the picture, Kwong Chor Fai is seen to have lost tremendous amount of weight in comparison to the time when he was having dinner with his old classmates a few months ago. He may be smiling in the picture but he is very sick at the moment.

Uses Up Life-Saving For Medical Fees
According to sources, the outlook for Kwong Chor Fai's condition is not good. ( His body is very fragile and he needs to be on bed-rest. So he has declined all his friends's requests to visit him at the hospital. In addition, Kwong Chor Fai has used up his life-saving for his medical fees. Even the recent 1 million dollars donation from his friends and family has been depleted. Besides looking after husband at the hospital, Mrs. Kwong also needs to worried about the family's living expenses.

Dang Ying Man(鄧英敏) Reveals Kwong Chor Fai's Family is Planning For The Worst
Good friend Dang Ying Man attended an event function earlier and revealed Kwong Chor Fai doesn't want to meet with anyone and has prepared for the worst. However, he still indicated he hopes God can give him another 20 years to live. Dang Ying Man said: "He's going to let God control his life from now on but his family is still taking care of him. They are always visiting him at the hospital but they can't stay long. That's because he's telling his family to leave. I also told them to plan for the worst."

Kwong Chor Fai(鄺佐輝)'s Cancer Has Spread To Other Organs

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