Dec 17, 2015

Mandy Lieu Makes Triumphant Return Back To Hong Kong

The currently 30 years old Hong Kong model Mandy Lieu hit it off with married Macau casino tycoon Chau Cheok Wa(周焯華) last year and gave birth to their daughter in London in May earlier this year. It has been widely rumored that Mandy and her daughter are banned from returning back to Hong Kong by Chau Cheok Wa's wife Heidi Chan(陳慧玲). As a result, Chau Cheok Wa bought a luxury apartment unit in London so Mandy can live comfortably with their baby.

After leaving Hong Kong for 9 months, Mandy finally made her return earlier tonight. A few weeks ago, Mandy's modeling agency partner Bobo Li(李月) already announced that Mandy will return back to Hong Kong with her daughter during Christmas. However, Mandy came back alone and didn't bring her daughter with her. Although it's been awhile since we last saw Mandy, she still looks stunning as usual.

According to sources, once Mandy arrived at Hong Kong, Chau Cheok Wa immediately sent out a car to pick her up. The car drove directly from the airport to a restaurant in Wan Chai. However, once they spotted paparazzi, they kept on circling around and they finally drove to a hot pot restaurant in Kowloon City. ( Paparazzi asked Mandy if she's returning back to Hong Kong to celebrate Christmas, she ignored all questions and kept on talking on her phone.

Conditionally, it is said Mrs. Chau Heidi Chan(陳慧玲) will be leaving for an overseas trip with family members tomorrow for more than a week. So it was no coincidence that Mandy returned back to Hong Kong tonight. ( At around 11:13 pm, Chau Cheok Wa finally showed up and rushed inside to the hot pot restaurant to reunite with his girlfriend Mandy!

Mandy and Chau Cheok Wa finished eating hot pot at around midnight and walked out of the restaurant together. Even though they were facing over a dozen paparazzi taking pictures of them, they both still maintained smiles on their faces. Afterward, they went back home together to their luxury apartment near Victoria Peak.

Mandy Lieu Makes Triumphant Return Back To Hong Kong

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  1. Good for you, Mandy. Stop hiding yourself in London. Go make Heidi divorce Chau Cheok Wa so you can be with him forever. You go girl! You should be the rightful owner to the name Mrs.Chau.

    1. Wifey title is not that important but Mandy seems a more suitable partner for Chau Cheok Wa. Also I think they have love for each other. To Heidi, divorce him, take the fortune and enjoy your life to the fullest.

  2. Wow! Looks like Mr. Alvin Chau does really love Mandy enough to hold her hand in front of all those reporters. Looks like an earlier report about Mr. Chau's new mistress named Meko Chiu was fake.

  3. She really is quite gorgeous. Don't know if it'll last as the guy just seems like a poor excuse for a human being. Once a cheater always a cheater but I guess none of the women who choose to be with him, loves him for him anyway. I mean who can truly love a man that only loves himself?