Dec 26, 2015

Sherming Yiu(姚樂怡) Gives Birth To 6.8 LBs Baby Girl Named Gaibe

Congratulation! Sherming Yiu(姚樂怡) gave birth to a baby girl named Gaibe on the day of the Winter Solstice Festival on December 22nd, 2015. Earlier this morning, Sherming posted on Weibo indicating she just returned home from the hospital yesterday and also shared a bunch of pictures of her new born baby girl, she wrote: "Gaibe was born on December 22nd. She is a winter solstice baby. I am excited to become a mother for the very first time in my life. It's been a tiring few days at the hospital but I am happy the baby is around to spend a memorable Christmas with us! We just returned home yesterday. The baby's sleeping face is so cute!"

Sherming accepted an interview with the media and indicated the baby was born two weeks early: "People usually have the c-section at around the 38th week. It was quite tiring. The baby is currently sleeping." When asked how did she feel when she first laid eye on her baby, she said: "I was so moved by the birth of my baby girl. The nurse brought her over to me. At that time, I was so tired I could barely move so I only kissed her two times. (Was your husband in the labor room with you?) He was. He has been sleeping with me at the hospital for the past 4 nights."

Sherming indicated that her baby weights 6.8 lbs and she is always hungry. As for the baby's name, her English name is Gaibe while her Chinese name is still being decided. When asked what expectation does she have for the baby, she said: "Nothing. I am happy as long as she's healthy. (Is your husband happy?) He's overjoyed. He's always fighting to hold the baby."

Sherming Yiu(姚樂怡) Gives Birth To 6.8 LBs Baby Girl Named Gaibe

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