Jan 13, 2016

46 Years Old Annie Yi(伊能靜) Revealed To Be Pregnant

The currently 46 years old Taiwanese "ageless beauty" Annie Yi(伊能靜) married 37 years old Chinese actor Qin Hao(秦昊) last year. In December 2015, she hinted on Weibo that she maybe pregnant.

In recent days, Annie and Qin Hao were photographed going to a hospital in Taiwan for prenatal examination. Annie appeared to have gain some baby weight since her last public appearance . Even though she was seen wearing loose-fitting clothing, she still couldn't hide her pregnant belly. The two stayed in the hospital for more than 2 hours before leaving. They then dropped by a convenience store to get some fruits before heading back home.

Yesterday, Annie was seen once again at a local book store. She was looking at pregnancy guides and baby books the entire time. In the end, she picked out a nutrition guidebook for pregnant moms. Afterward, she continued shopping alone.

46 Years Old Annie Yi(伊能靜) Revealed To Be Pregnant

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