Jan 1, 2016

Cathy Chui(徐子淇) Recaps 2015: Had Craving For KFC Everyday

Cathy Chui(徐子淇) and her husband Martin Lee(李家誠) recently spent a white Christmas in the US. In fact, the two already returned back to Hong Kong to celebrate the New Year. Cathy shared a picture she took with her husband during a New Year's party, she wrote: "Happy 2016 wishing peace in every corner of the world. They say when you are young, you're allowed to stay up late on New Year's Eve. Middle age is when you're forced to. I must admit we did take an afternoon nap today...."

In another post, Cathy recapped her eventful 2015, she wrote: "My girls learned to ride two wheel bikes, do cartwheels and knows more Chinese characters than I do. I started Instagram. Got pregnant. Yes again. Had cravings for kfc everyday. Gained 40 pounds. Gave birth. Fell in love again with another boy. My precious baby boy. Martin and I are thrilled with this new addition to our family. Thank you everyone for sharing such a memorable year with us. We are blessed to have you all. Happy new year from our family to yours."

Cathy Chui(徐子淇) Recaps 2015: Had Craving For KFC Everyday

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