Jan 9, 2016

Gin Lee(李幸倪) Publishes Official MV For New Song 'Double Double(雙雙)'

Malaysian-born Hong Kong based singer Gin Lee(李幸倪) recently signed a contract with Universal Music Hong Kong. On January 5th, 2016, she released her first single with the the label titled "Double Double(雙雙)". On the same day, she also published the official music video to her new song onto YouTube.
Gin officially made her debut in Hong Kong in 2011 and has been working with Eric Kwok ever since. Even her first song of the year "Double Double(雙雙)" was also composed and produced by Eric Kwok himself. The two know each other very well and they bring out the best out of each other. Eric Kwok also promised Gin to play a minibus driver in the MV of the song!

This song portrays the message that everyone should treasure what they have in front of them and don't take anything for granted. Sometimes, relationships that are here now may be gone tomorrow. In the MV, the two young couples are having relationship issues with each other. They start out ignoring each other and eventually end up having a shouting match in the minibus.

Gin's upcoming album will be released in April 2016 and it is something to look forward to!

Gin Lee(李幸倪) Publishes Official MV For New Song 'Double Double(雙雙)'

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