Jan 7, 2016

Kelly Fu(傅嘉莉) Secretly Dating Rich Married Executive Chairman?

Mixed race model Kelly Fu(傅嘉莉) has been busy filming TVB drama series in recent years. In 2013, she was photographed dating with a 55 years old hedge fund chairman Low Check Kian by paparazzi. In addition, she was also rumored to have hit if off with Ruco Chan(陳展鵬) when filming the drama series "Captain of Destiny(張保仔)" in China. However, it turns out her Mr. Right is someone else!

According to a magazine report earlier today, Kelly was already in a relationship with a rich married executive named Benny Chong(莊天龍) last year. Benny is currently the executive chairman & CEO for Auto Italia Holdings Limited, the official Ferrari dealer in Hong Kong. The report posted the pictures they took during their trip to Milan, Italy in 2015. In the picture, the two can be seen acting quite intimate with each other.

As stated by the report, Kelly met Benny when she was still dating Low Check Kian. It is said Benny took Kelly to Japan to celebrate her birthday last year. ( During summer 2015, they went to Milan together for their summer vacation. Afterward, they went to Japan another time in September to enjoy hot spring together.

As reported by the magazine, Benny is happily married with two sons. However, when reporter called Kelly to ask about Benny, she claimed she doesn't know him all that well but admitted she attended his company's events before. As reporter was trying to ask her more questions, Kelly hung up the phone without warning.

Kelly Fu(傅嘉莉) Secretly Dating Rich Married Executive Chairman?

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  1. Okay i read everywhere that Kelly Fu is mixed race - German and Chinese. What's the percentage because she just looks Chinese to me...

    And I wonder if it's true she's dating a married man...

  2. never liked her since Triumph in the skies 2 and liking her even lesser in the pirate show.
    what a cheap slut dating married men. yucks.

  3. Maybe she is hoping for a Mandy Lieu opportunity

    I have no respect for these home wreckers