Jan 19, 2016

Leung Kit Wah(梁潔華) Once Considered Divorce With Felix Wong(黃日華)

Felix Wong(黃日華) and wife Leung Kit Wah(梁潔華) recently accepted an interview from i-Cable's program "Star Chatroom(星級會客室)". Leung Kit Wah openly talked about her experience fighting with acute myeloid leukemia and praised Felix for being a 100% good husband.

Leung Kit Wah's condition has stabilized after going through 5 rounds of chemotherapies. She admitted she couldn't accept being diagnosed with cancer at first but her husband was there with her by her side, she said: "The doctor reminded me everyday that I would lose all my hair. Finally one day, I lost all my hair overnight. I couldn't stop crying." ( She indicated she was also suffering from depression due to the cancer but she's thankful for her husband's unconditional love for her.

Felix claimed he tried his best to do his job as a responsible husband. After being married for 27 years, the two also had a few fights with each other, Leung Kit Wah said: "We were thinking about a divorce at one point. He asked our daughter Adrian Wong(黃芷晴) if she wanted to live with daddy or mommy. She picked mommy. Immediately, he gave up on the idea of a divorce because he didn't want to lose everything." Felix pointed out that he learned to rationally communicate with his wife. While Leung Kit Wah commended her daughter for being more mature after this experience.

Leung Kit Wah(梁潔華) Once Considered Divorce With Felix Wong(黃日華)

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