Jan 9, 2016

Love As A Predatory Affair(愛情食物鏈) Overview And Promotional Stills

Love As A Predatory Affair(愛情食物鏈) is a TVB modern day romance drama series directed by Steven Tsui (徐正康) starring Kitty Yuen(阮小儀), King Kong(金剛), Jason Chan(陳智燊), and Samantha Ko(高海寧).

[Lo Kai Fong/魯佳芳(Kitty Yuen/阮小儀)] is a short, regular looking 30 something year old woman who works at a food supply chain without any romantic experiences. Due to one freak incident, she helps out a handsome looking restaurateur [Lau Pak Yip/劉柏業(Jason Chan/陳智燊)] and makes him fall in love with her inner beauty.

Lo Kai Fong's neighbor and good friend [Ko Kwai Fun/高貴芬(Samantha Ko/高海寧)] can't explain their attractions for each other. As a beautiful looking fishmonger with model figure, Ko Kwai Fun tries her best to seduce Lau Pak Yip but he remains steadfast. ( At the same time, she instead attracts the attention of the heir to the famous Taiwanese Danzai noodles restaurant [Hung Sin/洪鱻(King Kong/金剛)]. In order to pursue after Ko Kwai Fun, Hung Sin doesn't mind downgrading himself to live at a sub-divided flat with her.

Since Ko Kwai Fun can't get the attention of Lau Pak Yip, she pursues after his uncle [Lau Lei Ko/劉利高(Timothy Cheng/鄭子誠)]. Later on, Lau Pak Yip can't handle the negative public attention about his girlfriend Lo Kai Fong and they start having relationship issue with each other. When love is no longer enough and there is no standard of beauty anymore, men and women become both the hunted and the hunters. The brutal battle of love can no longer be stopped...........

Love As A Predatory Affair(愛情食物鏈) TVB 2016

Love As A Predatory Affair(愛情食物鏈) Overview And Promotional Stills

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