Jan 8, 2016

Steve Lee(李家鼎) Overjoyed About Oldest Son Augustine Lee(李泳漢) Getting Married

Veteran actor Steve Lee(李家鼎)'s oldest son Augustine Lee(李泳漢) is getting married to his girlfriend of two years Conny Yim(嚴佩鈺) today on January 8th, 2015. Earlier this morning, younger brother Gregory Lee(李泳豪) shared pictures of his older brother picking up the bride at Kowloon City.

During an interview with the media, Steve indicated he's overjoyed about his oldest son getting married, he said: "Thank you for all the well-wishes! (How are you feeling right now?) Happy Happy! (Anything you want to say to the newly-wedded couple?) I can't think of any at the moment. (Be prosperous and have children soon?) Yes, ha ha ha!"

When asked what did he give to his new daughter-in-law, Steve said: "The usual. A pair of dragon and phoenix bracelets. (Did you feel bad about your son getting tortured by the bridesmaids when picking up the bride?) That's expected."

In addition, Gregory also wished his older brother happiness, he said: "I wish them happiness forever. I need to work hard to get myself a wife too! (Are you going to be an uncle soon?) Haha, I will let my brother answer that question!"

Steve Lee(李家鼎) Overjoyed About Oldest Son Augustine Lee(李泳漢) Getting Married

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