Feb 27, 2016

Fashion War(潮流教主) Overview And Promotional Stills

Fashion War(潮流教主) is a TVB modern day business drama series directed by Dave Fong(方駿釗) starring Moses Chan(陳豪), Him Law(羅仲謙), Sisley Choi(蔡思貝), and Ali Lee(李佳芯). The drama series will revolve around a fashion magazine publishing company called MODES.

The never ending office politics and backstabbing seem to be the norm under the leadership of fashion guru [Yip Long/葉朗(Moses Chan/陳豪)] at the fashion magazine publishing company. On the surface, publisher [Chi Wai Man/池偉文(Hanjin Tan/陳奐仁)] tries to brown-nose this editor-in-chief but he purposely assigns socialite [Kei Wan Wan/紀芸芸(Ali Lee/李佳芯)] as the executive producer in the advertising department to neutralize Yip Long's power within the company.

Yip Long can easily handle all the office politics at ease. Unexpectedly, he is being dragged into a lawsuit involving a failed editorial assistant candidate named [Cheung Yat Ling/張逸寧(Sisley Choi/蔡思貝)]. Yip Long then immediately takes advantage of the situation by hiring this amateur dressmaker from Sham Shui Po as his assistant. The news of the hiring causes unrest within the company and also appears to motivate the usually lazy fashion editor [Fan Kwok Pong/范國邦(Him Law/羅仲謙)].

Cheung Yat Ling's diligent and optimistic personalities help her overcome obstacles one after another as she is trying her best to learn the ropes of the industry from her idol Yip Long. With the magazine on the verge of closing, Cheung Yat Ling teams up with Fan Kwok Pong to help Yip Long to make the impossible possible for the company. All of a sudden, Yip Long chooses this time to announce his successor for the company and retires from this glamorous and unapologetic fashion industry.....

Fashion War(潮流教主) TVB 2016

Fashion War(潮流教主) Overview And Promotional Stills