Feb 27, 2016

Monica Chan(陳法蓉) Set To Return Back To TVB After 15 Years

Monica Chan(陳法蓉) was seen attending a real estate investor expo with her Miss Hong Kong pageant friends Ellen Wong(王愛倫) and May Lam(林麗薇).

Monica indicated she has been investing into real estate instead of relationship in recent years, she said: "I feel investing into real estate is more stable in comparison to stocks and foreign currencies. At least I have something to hold onto. I currently have houses in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Just small investments! I still need to pay mortgages for them. (Investing into real estate is better than investment in man?) I really don't have any targets right now. But I am happy for people like Myolie Wu(胡杏兒) and Linda Chung(鍾嘉欣) who have their own families. (Are you jealous?) To each their own I guess. Some of my friends only talked about going to theme parks and their kids' homework when I was vacationing in Europe."

In addition, Monica also revealed she will return back to TVB to film drama series after 15 years. She claimed to be very excited for the opportunity and will announce more details at a later date.

Monica Chan(陳法蓉) Set To Return Back To TVB After 15 Years

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