Mar 5, 2016

Moses Chan(陳豪) Reveals Wife Aimee Chan(陳茵媺) Will Give Birth In May

Actor Moses Chan(陳豪) was out doing promotion for TVB drama series "Fashion War(潮流教主)". In regards to netizens criticizing his co-star Sisley Choi(蔡思貝) for having dolphin-like high pitched voice, Moses said: "For a new and young actress like her, I don't think her voice has any problems. Most beginners pay close attention to their voices but I don't think they need to care too much. The most important thing is to just act natural then viewers will think it's okay."

Only Likes To Play Original Character
When talked about the show is a copycat to a Japanese drama series, Moses indicated his character is 100% original: "I only like to play original character. I hate the idea of playing someone's character. (Do you think TVB needs improvement on creating original contents?) There are so many great ideas out there. Besides taking examples of others, I think we also need to add in our own elements to make things interesting."

Doesn't Know Anything About The Changes To TVB Executives 
Regarding the rumors that TVB executive Virginia Lok(樂易玲) will be resigning within the month and and another executive Sandy Yue(余詠珊) will be firing 10 copy editors, Moses claimed he's so busy that he doesn't know anything. When asked about his wife Aimee Chan(陳茵媺), Moses revealed his wife will be giving birth in May but he insisted on staying mum on the gender of the baby.

Moses Chan(陳豪) Reveals Wife Aimee Chan(陳茵媺) Will Give Birth In May

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