Mar 4, 2016

S.H.E.Member Selina Jen(任家萱) Announces Divorce: I Didn't Become a Good Wife

Taiwanese entertainer Selina Jen(任家萱) started her entertainment career as a member of a popular girl group S.H.E. She's loved by fans for her cheerful and positive personality. She and her lawyer husband Zhang Cheng Zhong(張承中) have been happily married since October 31st, 2011. Even after Selina's burning accident, her then fiancé was still determined to stay by her side and married her. However, Selina suddenly announced her divorce with her husband today on March 4th, 2016.

Selina shockingly announced her divorce with Zhang Cheng Zhong on Facebook earlier tonight. She mentioned "she didn't do her job as a good wife" and "she lost sight on how to maintain a proper family life" due to fact that she has been focusing all her time on her career. ( In addition, she indicated she no longer thinks of love as important anymore so her relationship with her husband has lost its spark. That's why she decided to make this important decision to divorce her husband.

Selina was possibly at the lowest point of her life after she was caught on fire while filming a drama series in China in 2010. At the time, her fiancé Zhang Cheng Zhong still wanted to marry her as his wife and helped her go through the toughest time of her life. Selina stated that she's thankful for her husband but various problems surfaced after life returned back to normal: "After spending 9 years of our lives together, we have grown to become more than lovers but also as family and good friends. We don't want to become familiar strangers with each other from now on, we still want to be good friends for the rest of our lives. We will make adjustments to our lives and make the best out of this. We also want to apologize to our parents and to those who wished us happiness."

S.H.E.Member Selina Jen(任家萱) Announces Divorce: I Didn't Become a Good Wife

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