Mar 16, 2016

The Evolution of Jess Sum(沈卓盈)'s Chest Over The Years

Actress Jess Sum(沈卓盈) is known for having long beautiful legs. In fact, her ample cleavage is also something that can't be ignored! The fact that she went from having a a washboard chest to now sporting two small melons can even be written into a story for a movie!

Jess has a habit of keeping herself in shape by doing regular exercises. She also often likes to share revealing pictures of herself with everyone online. However, her pair of melons seem to be changing sizes every once in a while so it's hard to guess how big they are. ( During an event function in 2012, Jess once revealed her measurements to be 32C, 24, 34, and emphasized she won't purposely try to enhance her chest. In recent days, she was seen buying new bras. So did she gain another cup size by eating too much ice cream?

Here are the pictures of Jess's chest over the years!

The Evolution of Jess Sum(沈卓盈)'s Chest Over The Years

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