Mar 27, 2016

The Last Healer In Forbidden City(末代御醫) Overview And Promotional Stills

The Last Healer In Forbidden City(末代御醫) is a TVB period medical drama series directed by Nelson Cheung(張乾文) starring Roger Kwok(郭晉安), Tavia Yeung(楊怡), Law Lan(羅蘭) and Pierre Ngo(敖嘉年).

After the defeat of the First Sino-Japanese War and the failure of the Hundred Days' Reform [Emperor Guang Xu/光緒帝(Pierre Ngo/敖嘉年)] is being put under house arrest by [Empress Dowager Cixi/慈禧太后(Law Lan/羅蘭)] at the Zhongnanhai, an imperial garden in Imperial City adjacent to the Forbidden City.

Due to the superb medical skills of commoner physician [To Chung/杜仲(Roger Kwok/郭晉安)], he is being summoned into the palace to treat Empress Dowager Cixi's illness. After she recovers without any medication, she bestows the title of Imperial Doctor to To Chung. Although he understands the potential danger of serving the most powerful person in China, he has no choice but to accept the title. ( During To Chung's time as an Imperial Doctor, he discovers the cures to many rare diseases and helps solve many cold cases. At the same time, he also earns the trust of Emperor Guang Xu by treating him as well as helping him to be together with [Consort Zhen/珍妃(Rebecca Zhu/朱晨麗)].

To Chung maybe an exceptional doctor but he still can't find the cure to help his physically-challenged wife [Hung Pak Hop/洪百合(JJ Jia/賈曉晨)]. So he seeks the help of [Fuk Ling/伏苓(Tavia Yeung/楊怡)], a doctor specializing in orthopedics to ease the pain of Pak Hop using secret family massage techniques. With the recommendation from To Chung, Fuk Ling is able to enter the palace to give massages to Empress Dowager Cixi. In the process, To Chung and Fuk Ling become good friends and also fall in love with each other. However, it turns out Fuk Ling has an ulterior motive for entering the palace that may pose a threat to the Qing Empire.

Under the political whirlwind involving Empress Dowager Cixi, Emperor Guang Xu, and Consort Zhen, can To Chung and Fuk Ling able to escape unscathed..........

The Last Healer In Forbidden City(末代御醫) TVB 2016

The Last Healer In Forbidden City(末代御醫) Overview And Promotional Stills

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