Mar 18, 2016

Vivien Yeo(楊秀惠) Wants To Get Married: I Will Say Yes If Someone Proposes To me

Actress Vivien Yeo(楊秀惠) attended a bridal show as a model. During an interview with the media, she indicated she has been staying up late every night to film TVB's upcoming drama series "My Lover From The Planet Meow(來自喵喵星的你)". When asked if wearing a wedding dress makes her want to get married, she revealed her costar Moses Chan(陳豪) has been pushing her to get married and have children: "He's saying I am at an age ready to get settled down! I think his wife Aimee Chan(陳茵媺) is the happiest woman in the world."

Doesn't Think She's Young Anymore
When asked if she and her boyfriend are thinking about marriage, she admitted she will say "yes" if someone proposes to her: "I need to talk to my manager if I'm getting married. I'm not young anymore but I will leave everything to fate. (Did your boyfriend propose to you yet?) If someone proposes to me, I will say yes! Haha, just kidding! It should be quite romantic if it's true. But not yet. (Do you want to get married?) I am okay with waiting on the surface but I think I do want to get married."

Wants To Live Like Moses
When mentioned if she will have 3 kids like Moses in the future, she said: "He said kids like to go to bed early. (So he has more to time to make more babies with Aimee at night?) Haha, I didn't say that. They do have more time together at night. If I want to have kids in the future, I should learn from Moses's lifestyle. I will probably have to tell TVB I have to get back home by 7 when I am married."

Vivien Yeo(楊秀惠) Wants To Get Married: I Will Say Yes If Someone Proposes To me

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