Apr 23, 2016

ICAC Investigators 2016(廉政行動2016) Overview And Promotional Stills

ICAC Investigators 2016(廉政行動2016) is a TVB modern day drama series focused on a group of investigators facing various corruption cases directed by renowned film director Herman Yau(邱禮濤) starring Ruco Chan(陳展鵬), Kenneth Ma(馬國明), John Jiang(姜大衛), Lawrence Cheng(鄭丹瑞), Lai Lok Yi(黎諾懿), KK Cheung(張國強), Elena Kong(江美儀), Natalie Tong(唐詩詠), Elaine Yiu(姚子羚), Kelly Fu(傅嘉莉), and Karmen Kwok(郭嘉文).

ICAC Investigators 2016(廉政行動2016) continues to adopt real life past ICAC cases to highlight the evils of corruption and the anti-graft agency's determination to maintain Hong Kong as a city with moral and integrity. The series also reminds citizens to stay alert and to adopt a "zero tolerance" attitude towards corruption.

The five episodes series features cases including bribing examiner in a driving test, bribing voters at the District Council Election, senior executive of a jewelry company offering bribes to tour guides, a corruption and fraud scam involving listed companies, and bank officer accepting bribes to approve loan applications.

[1st Episode]
District Council candidate [Ng Tat Chor/吳達初(Lawrence Cheng(鄭丹瑞)] tries to win the election by crossing into the grey area to bribe voters. ICAC receives tip-offs and decides to launch an investigation.

[2nd Episode]
Newly-trained ICAC assistant inspector [Ma Ka Yi/馬家儀(Karmen Kwok(郭嘉文)] takes on her first case to investigate a senior executive of a jewelry company offering bribes to tour guides. The investigation team faces many difficulties gathering evidence. After a lot of hard work, the suspect is in court facing charges.

[3rd Episode]
Businessman [Lam Ho/林浩(Raymond Chiu(趙永洪)] tries to offer bride to bank executive [Cho King Hung/曹敬鴻(Jimmy Au(歐瑞偉)]. The investigation takes a long time but ICAC is able to arrest the both of them. Surprisingly, suspect Lam Ho ends up skipping bail on the day of the hearing.....

[4th Episode]
Tobacco company's chairman accepts advantages and conspires in the trafficking of dangerous drugs. Due to the difficulties in gathering evidence, lead ICAC inspector [Roger Ko Wing Hong/高永康(Kenneth Ma(馬國明)] decides to send undercover inspectors to investigate the case. The investigation team travels all the way to a restricted island to gather evidence.....

[5th Episode]
Popular business woman [Chum Tse Ying/岑紫瑩(Florence Kwok(郭少芸)] makes a profit by offering brides to her employees to falsified financial statements. Chum Tse Ying tries to extend the trial numerous times using legal means, can she avoid prosecution in the end........

ICAC Investigators 2016(廉政行動2016) TVB 2016

ICAC Investigators 2016(廉政行動2016) Overview And Promotional Stills

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