Apr 13, 2016

Kate Tsui(徐子珊) Clarifies Her Relationship With Rumored Boyfriend: He's My Good Sister

Actress Kate Tsui(徐子珊) was recently rumored to be dating a handsome Spaniard man. The two were even revealed to have gone on a trip to Spain together. However, the rumored boyfriend denied the relationship and indicated they have no chance to be together.

Kate is currently working in Malaysia. She accepted an interview with the media regarding the rumor at the airport. When asked if she's dating the handsome Moni Demirov, she said: "He's actually working for me. He's helping me with my jewelry business. Now that a rumor like this came out, I've decided to fire him. In fact, his 3 months probation period is coming up. He's just too handsome. I am firing him! ( (What does he do for you?) He's handling the social media of my jewelry business. (Did you go to Spain with him?) I didn't go with him! I went with my friends. (You two seem close!) He's my good sister! (Have you considered dating a foreigner?) I don't really care. It doesn't really have to be Chinese. But I've never liked a foreigner before."

Still Have Yet To Sign With Shaw Brothers Studio(邵氏)
When asked about her contract situation, Kate revealed her contract with TVB was already over in August last year. As for if she will sign with Shaw Brothers Studio, she said: "We've been in talk since August. They keep pushing me to sign with them. But I am lazy and I don't know much about negotiating for a contract. At the same time, I am also busy with my jewelry business. We will keep on talking with each other. I will let you guys know if I am signing with them."

Doesn't Feel The Need To Get Married.
When talked about relationship, Kate claimed she's not in a hurry: "I do have pursuers but I'm not in a hurry to pick someone right away. I also don't feel the need to get married. I do go out on dates every once in awhile. I'm still looking for the right person."

Kate Tsui(徐子珊) Clarifies Her Relationship With Rumored Boyfriend: He's My Good Sister

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