Apr 28, 2016

Kayi Cheung(張嘉兒) 3 Months Pregnant: I Need To Carry A Barf Bag Everywhere

Actress Kayi Cheung(張嘉兒) attended the promotional event for TVB drama series "ICAC Investigators 2016(廉政行動2016)". During an interview with the media, Kayi revealed she's currently 3 months pregnant, she said: "Just passed 3 months right now. I am generally feeling good but I was really tired before. A lot of pregnant women say they feel like barfing when they eat but I don't. I only feel nauseous when I am inside a car. So my husband told me to carry a barf bag everywhere I go."

Kayi admitted she doesn't know the gender of the baby yet. She revealed her husband wants a son since a lot of their friends have girls. She also happily said: "My husband is ecstatic about me being pregnant. He just bought a fetal heart rate monitor. So cute! The baby also looked like it was doing sit-up during ultrasound."

Kayi pointed out she has yet to buy any maternity clothes. She admitted she's starting to decrease her workload and she's not filming any drama series at the moment. She also disclosed her appetite has increased dramatically since being pregnant!

When talked about her former rumored boyfriend King Kong(金剛) recently broke up with Yuri Chan(陳蕊蕊), she said: "They are both still young. They will find other people very soon."

Kayi Cheung(張嘉兒) 3 Months Pregnant: I Need To Carry Barf Bags Everywhere

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