Apr 25, 2016

King Kong(金剛) Ends 3 Years Relationship With Yuri Chan(陳蕊蕊): I Don't Want To Drag It On

TVB artiste King Kong(金剛) and F cup model Yuri Chan(陳蕊蕊) have been dating for close to 3 years. In recent months, there were rumors of the two having relationship issues with each other but they denied all the allegations. Until yesterday, King Kong finally admitted they were officially broken up at the beginning of this month. He indicated the two's personalities are completely opposite of each other. Although he tried to mend the relationship but nothing ever came of it. He emphasized the breakup was mutually decided and there was no third party involvement.

Started Having Problems After Dating For 8 Months
During an interview with the media, King Kong openly talked about the breakup. When asked about what were the reasons for the breakup, he said: "We officially ended our relationship at the beginning of April. We were fighting a lot. At the end of the day, our personalities clashed with each other. I really don't want to drag it on any longer. In fact, we started having problems after dating for 8 months. We were always fighting over small things. I am not argumentative type so I decided to end things after awhile. (Did you try to to salvage the relationship?) We did. Both of us put in a lot into the relationship. But it's hard to change the other person's personality in a short time. In the end, we still couldn't adjust to each other."

Insists There Was No Third Party Involvement
King Kong emphasized once again that the breakup was over their differences in their personalities and there was no third party involvement: "No third party involvement! We mutually ended things. ( (So who suggested the breakup first?) It was me... You know... we both work in the entertainment circle. So please don't ask me about her anymore. We are friends now. (But Yuri said you are still her boyfriend a few days ago?) I can't control what she says. I already moved out at the beginning of April. I'm at my friend's place now. (Are you guys giving each other a cooling down period?) It's over. We will only hurt each other more if we keep on dragging this relationship. (Did all the fighting before affect your professional life?) A little bit. All in all, I hope she will be happy. I will also be focused on work from now on." 

King Kong(金剛) Ends 3 Years Relationship With Yuri Chan(陳蕊蕊): I Don't Want To Drag It On

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