Apr 22, 2016

My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan(火線下的江湖大佬) Overview And Promotional Stills

My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan(火線下的江湖大佬) is a TVB modern day drama series directed by Leung Choi Yuen(梁材遠) starring Kent Cheng(鄭則士), Alice Chan(陳煒), Eliza Sam(岑麗香), Matt Yeung(楊明), Tommy Wong(黃光亮), and Kingdom Yuen(苑瓊丹).

[Ho Kei Song/何其爽(Kent Cheng/鄭則士)] and [Lau Cheuk Nam/柳卓南(Tommy Wong/黃光亮)] have grown from childhood best friends to becoming the most powerful mafia bosses. They have been through thick and thin together for all these times. After Lau Cheuk Nam is locked up in prison for killing a cop, he entrusts his mistress [So Yau Lam/蘇佑琳(Alice Chan/陳煒)] to Ho Kei Song. The two end up getting married to each other without Lau Cheuk Nam's knowledge.

Afterward, Ho Kei Song steps down from being a mafia boss to become a restaurateur, living a simple quiet life with his sister-in-law [So Yau Miu/蘇佑妙(Kingdom Yuen/苑瓊丹)] and his daughter from previous marriage [Ho Foon Sum/何寬心(Eliza Sam/岑麗香)].

Unexpectedly, Lau Cheuk Nam is released from prison early and seeks refuge from Ho Kei Song. This sudden turn of event not only puts their brotherhood to the test but also wrecks daughter Ho Foon Sum's relationship with her boyfriend [Liu Sau Gei/廖守基(Matt Yeung/楊明)]. ( With Ho Kei Song's family falling apart, Lau Cheuk Nam tries to convince him to make a comeback together. Out of no where, Ho Kei Song's ex-wife [Yip Fong Fei/葉芳菲(Amy Fan/樊亦敏)] resurfaces once again after disappearing for many years to reveal a big secret, which drags everyone into an escalating mafia feud.....

My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan(火線上的江湖大佬) TVB 2016

My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan(火線下的江湖大佬) Overview And Promotional Stills

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