May 19, 2016

Kelly Fu(傅嘉莉) Rumored To Be Secretly Dating Multiple Rich Married Men?

Actress Kelly Fu(傅嘉莉) was rumored to have been secretly dating Singaporean business mogul Low Check Kian and the CEO of a listed company Benny Chong(莊天龍) in the past two years. Kelly is a smart girl so she knows not to put all the eggs in one basket and has been out making "new friends". According to a magazine report today, Kelly was secretly dating another 50-something years old millionaire businessman behind rumored married boyfriend Benny Chong's back in August last year.

So another married millionaire businessman? Yes! But what about now? They've already broken up! That's because after the millionaire businessman found out Kelly was also "friends" with Benny Chong, he immediately dumped her for not being loyal to him!

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In fact, the millionaire businessman's wife already knew about her husband's affair with Kelly a long time ago. According to people with inside knowledge, the millionaire businessman often liked to take Kelly out to dinner parties. ( Even when they couldn't see each other in person, Kelly would send revealing pictures of herself to him and also talk with him via video chat. So there was no way his wife wouldn't know about the affair!

The magazine contacted Kelly to ask about the rumor, she indicated she's innocent and doesn't know where the rumor originated. Kelly also emphasized she has said everything she needs to and doesn't want to repeat her explanation again.

Kelly Fu(傅嘉莉) Rumored To Be Secretly Dating Multiple Rich Married Men?

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