May 26, 2016

King Kong(金剛) Impressed With Samantha Ko(高海寧) In Bikini

King Kong(金剛) and a group of actors and actresses were out filming an outdoor scene by Hong Kong Gold Coast for Wong Jing(王晶)'s produced movie "Idol Training Camp(男神訓練營)".

With all the actresses in bikinis, King Kong was asked if he's busy catching a glimpse of all the goodies, he said: "There are just too much for my eyes to look at. I might look if they aren't wearing anything." When asked which actress looks the best in bikini, he said: "Everyone is different. Now that I am looking at Samantha Ko(高海寧) and Sammi Cheung(張秀文), I finally understand that there is always someone better. I thought they were about the same size. But Samantha wins hands down!"

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When talked about if he has finally come to terms with his breakup with Yuri Chan(陳蕊蕊), he said: "I don't know why people keep asking me this question. We are grown adults. If it's over than it's over. It's that simple!"

King Kong(金剛) Impressed With Samantha Ko(高海寧) In Bikini

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