May 18, 2016

Kingdom Yuen(苑瓊丹) Reveals She Once Asked For A Divorce From Husband By Hitting Him

The currently 53 years old veteran actress Kingdom Yuen(苑瓊丹) fell in love at first sight and married her husband Wong Ngai Yeung(黃乃揚) in United States in 2004. Her husband runs a family mirror business and his personal net worth is in excess of hundreds of millions. Kingdom has always been very protective of her husband and rarely talks about him. She recently returned back to TVB to film the currently airing drama series "My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan(火線下的江湖大佬)".

Last month, Kingdom appeared on a Chinese talk show "The Li Jing Show: Very Quiet Distance(非常静距離)" to talk about her personal life at home. During the program, she revealed she has a temper and even once asked for a divorce from husband by hitting him, she said: "We were having a fight. So I grabbed an alarm clock to smack him in the face. He had a black eye right away. Afterward, I told him I wanted a divorce from him. I also forced him to sign the marriage separation agreement in front of me. On the next day, he secretly went to the lawyers alone to stop the process. I think he's sick. He likes to get abused by me!" ( Kingdom also indicated she appreciates her husband for tolerating her outlandish behavior.

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When talked about the time when Kingdom was filming the movie "Gods of Honour(封神榜)", her older sister called her saying their mother was losing the ability to walk. At the time, Kingdom wanted to go visit her. However, after her mother found out Kingdom was playing the lead actress role, she told her to focus on acting instead. Until 2010, Kingdom finally went to visit her mother. When Kingdom was leaving for the airport, her mother wanted to go see her off but she refused her proposal: "My mother wanted to go see me off. I told her she didn't need to because it would be just a waste of time. Who would have thought that would be my last moment with her." Kingdom couldn't hold back her tears and started crying in front of everyone!

Kingdom Yuen(苑瓊丹) Reveals She Once Asked For A Divorce From Husband By Hitting Him

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