May 11, 2016

Lisa Ch'ng(莊思明) Breaks Up With Victor Chen(陳司翰) To Be With Matt Yeung(楊明)

TVB actress Lisa Ch'ng(莊思明) started dating singer Kelly Chen(陳慧琳)'s little brother Victor Chen(陳司翰) in 2011. There were rumors of the two breaking up after they were seen fighting in the middle in the street a few months ago. As it turned out, she did break up with him and began dating TVB's up-and-coming actor Matt Yeung(楊明)! Last night, Lisa was spotted heading to Matt's place for an hour before leaving together to go eat hot pot with a group of TVB staff in Kowloon City.

Matt Yeung(楊明) Getting Heavily Promoted In Recent Years
Matt started to get the attention of the viewers after imitating Nicholas Tse(謝霆鋒) in the variety program "Screen Play(娛樂反斗星)"! He also once dated the beautiful Sharon Chan(陳敏之). Until in 2013, Matt made an announcement that he was going to marry his girlfriend Joanna from outside the entertainment industry. However, due to Matt's busy filming schedule, they postponed their wedding multiple times and ended up in a breakup! ( In recent years, Matt has been focused on work, accepting drama series one after another. He was even promoted to be the second male lead in the drama series "Momentary Lapse of Reason(收規華)". Matt was recently filming Wong Jing(王晶)'s new drama series "Bet Hur(賭城群英會)" in Mainland China and just returned back to Hong Kong yesterday to promote the drama series "My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan(火線下的江湖大佬)".

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Went Separate Ways After Being Seen By Paparazzi 
After yesterday's promotional event, Matt dropped off Eliza Sam(岑麗香) and Cilla Kung(樂瞳) and then went to pick up his girlfriend Lisa. The two were talking intimately inside car for 5 minutes before driving away. Soon after they got off the car, Lisa wrapped her arm around Matt and even went up to his place for an hour! The two went out again to Kowloon City to have hot pot with TVB staff. At the time, they appeared to have spotted paparazzi so they took turns leaving the restaurant!

Admit To The Relationship
The media contacted Matt to ask about his relationship with Lisa, he said: "Yes, we are together. We actually just stated dating! Please give us some space. I always thought Lisa was a good girl. We started to see each other more often after we finished filming 'Come Home Love(愛.回家)'. In fact, not a lot of people know we are dating. "

While Lisa also admitted to her relationship with Matt right away, she responded back via SMS: "I broke up with Victor a few month ago. I like to handle my relationship in a private manner so I didn't tell anymore. We will continue to wish each other happiness from now on. I also won't be responding to his news from now on. Thank you! As for my relationship with Matt, I will talk more the next time I see everyone. Thank you for all the concerns from everyone."

Lisa Ch'ng(莊思明) Breaks Up With Victor Chen(陳司翰) To Be With Matt Yeung(楊明)

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