May 20, 2016

Louisa Mak(麥明詩) Drags Down TVB's Ratings, Netizens Call Her Out of Touch

Cambridge Law graduated Miss Hong Kong winner Louisa Mak(麥明詩) recently traveled all the way to England to film for TVB's traveling program "A Starry Homecoming(星星探親團)". The episode that was aired last night marked the lowest ratings in the 10:30 pm spot this year averaging only 15 points. Many netizens called Louisa out of touch after she repeatedly mentioned "Cambridge", "10A", and "Miss Hong Kong" during the show. However, Louisa's boyfriend Joe Lam(林作) came out in defense for her saying TVB's programs are usually heavily scripted.
The currently 24 years old Louisa grew up in a middle-class family. She scored 10A in the HKCEE and went on to study law at the world renown University of Cambridge. Last year, Louisa also won the Miss Hong Kong pageant in an overwhelming manner. She can be said to be a winner at the game of life. During the show, Louisa repeatedly mentioned her superb educational background causing netizens to think she was showing off. Last night's episode ended up with a low ratings of only 15 points.

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Louisa's boyfriend Joe came out in defense for her during a phone interview with the media, he said: "I think Louisa acted calm and natural for her first hosted show. For a TV traveling program, there are usually writers coming up with the scripts. I think TVB only cares about ratings so they purposely hard sell her Cambridge background to the TV viewers. Unfortunately, it came out sounding arrogant instead."

Louisa also responded back to the media via SMS, she wrote: "Sorry, I am not in a position to respond to you guys." When asked if she's being treated unfairly by netziens, she said: "Doing a show is everyone's responsibility. So I don't think I am being treated unfairly."

Louisa Mak(麥明詩) Drags Down TVB's Ratings, Netizens Call Her Out of Touch

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