May 7, 2016

Tavia Yeung(楊怡) Feels Saddened For The 60 Millions Left-behind Children In China

Tavia Yeung(楊怡) and Ron Ng(吳卓羲) both attended the OXFAM event in Causeway Bay. When talked about the 60 millions left-behind children in China on stage, Tavia immediately got emotional and admitted the number is shocking to hear, she said: "Father passed away early. Although mother ended up getting remarried, you could say I grew up in a single parent home. Kids in China lack access to many things. I'm touched every time I see them living life to the fullest. I am sponsoring children in China so I hope more people can follow my lead to do the same."

As for when is she planning to have children, Tavia indicated she will leave the matter to fate since children are gifts from God. When asked if she's becoming more mature and wants to help people after getting married, she said: "I'm always like that! At this point of my life, I can slow down a bit and focus my time on speaking out for the vulnerable groups in society." She also revealed she wants to go to Mainland China with Ron to pay a visit to the left-behind children.

When talked about Mother's day, Ron indicated he plans to stay home with his mother, he said: "I'm always the one cooking at home. My mom always pretends she doesn't know how to cook. So I end up cooking all the seafood myself!" While Tavia revealed her mother also likes to stay home to celebrate the occasion, she said: "I hope my husband Him Law(羅仲謙) can make it back home tonight from China. We want to have a big celebration with a lot of people."

Tavia Yeung(楊怡) Feels Saddened For The 60 Millions Left-behind Children In China

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