Jun 16, 2016

Christine Ng(伍詠薇) Apologizes To Media And Friends On Behalf Of Cheating Husband Kasey Lin(練海棠)

Christine Ng(伍詠薇) once had a short marriage back when she was only 21 years old. She married an accountant 30 years her senior named Yung Kwong Pui(翁江培) in 1990 but he suddenly passed away from a heart attack 13 days into the marriage. 9 years later, Christine remarried to an advertiser named Kasey Lin(練海棠). Yesterday, a magazine report revealed that Christine's husband Kasey was out cheating with a curvaceous woman inside his car for more than 2 hours!

Christine appeared at i-Cable to do recording for her variety show "Miss Five - A Taste of Life(伍姑娘真識食)". Christine maintained her composure and smiled during the entirety of the interview with media, she said: "I've talked with my husband a bit. I calmly asked him to give me his side of his story. But I am not going to reveal the details of our conversation with everyone." She also apologized to the media and her friends for the inconveniences over the matter.  

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After Christine was inside the film set area, she once again accepted another interview with the media. Christine indicated she was in shocked when she first watched the video clip and even woke her husband up to watch it with her, she said: "I didn't know I could be this calm. I also asked my husband to explain what happened. I have to admit that this is the truth after watching the video clip. He can't deny this! But I need to understand the entire situation first before I can take care of this behind closed doors at home."

Christine revealed July 1st will be her 17th wedding anniversary with husband and hoped everyone can wish them good luck. She once again apologized to everyone on behalf of her husband: "He needed his wife to take care of his unfinished businesses after he was out playing. I want to say sorry to everyone on behalf of my husband." ( Christine also pointed out she will go home to interrogate her husband, she said: "I will ask him if he really did that sort of thing with the other woman. If he really did that, then I have nothing to say." Christine also emphasized she has confidence in her husband.

Christine Ng(伍詠薇) Apologizes To Media And Friends On Behalf Of Her Cheating Husband Kasey Lin(練海棠)

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  1. Wow! She appears very calm. Have to in front of reports and only one word from me, very nicely handled. All the best to you. Hope you guys can sort everything out. Happy 17th Anniversary.