Jun 17, 2016

Frankie Lam(林文龍), Jessica Hsuan(宣萱) Confirm Return To TVB To Film New Drama Series

In order to boost ratings and to accommodate the momentum of "myTV SUPER", TVB recently has been inviting former popular actors and actresses back to film new drama series. Besides Gallen Lo(羅嘉良), Adia Chan(陳松伶), etc making a return, it is said TVB has persuaded Frankie Lam(林文龍) and Jessica Hsuan(宣萱) to come back to film a net series titled "My Unfair Lady(不懂撒嬌的女人)". Similar to the drama series "Come With Me(性在有情)", the new drama series will only be aired on "my TV Super". In addition to having Frankie and Jessica, Vincent Wong(王浩信) and Natalie Tong(唐詩詠) will also be in the series.

In recent years, Frankie switched over to HKTV to film drama series instead. According to sources, the main reason why Frankie is willing make a return back to TVB is because producer Kwan Shu Ming(關樹明) and copy editor Chu King Kei(朱鏡褀) are returning as well. When reporters asked Frankie for confirmation about the matter, he confirmed he has accepted the offer to film the series. Frankie also indicated TVB will hold a huge press conference for the drama series in July.

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As for Vincent and Natalie, they both admitted they are excited to work with these two veterans in this new drama series. Vincent said: "I know Jessica well since I have worked with Jessica in 'Gun Metal Grey(刑警)' and 'Tiger Cubs(飛虎)'. But I have never worked with Frankie and Natalie before. I believe this is going to be a great experience for me." On the other hand, Natalie tried to keep quiet on the details for the drama series, she said: "I am going to wait until the press conference before I say anything. I know TVB takes this drama series very seriously. But I am really excited!"

Frankie Lam(林文龍), Jessica Hsuan(宣萱) Confirm Return To TVB To Film New Drama Series

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