Jun 16, 2016

Grace Wong(王君馨) Releases Her Own Perfumed Jewelry Line 'Dearest Grace'

Actress Grace Wong(王君馨) has been very active in television and film, but in the minds of many fans, she is also associated with her praying group "Amazing Esther's" with her good friends such as Eliza Sam(岑麗香), Christine Kuo(苟芸慧), Leanne Li(李亞男), and Linda Chung(鍾嘉欣). Leanne and Linda may have already gotten married but Grace still isn't too eager to get married just yet. Instead, she invested 6 figures with a designer friend to start their own perfumed jewelry line called "Dearest Grace". After a month, Grace revealed her jewelry line is already making profit and is poised for growth, she said: "We spent about a month to set everything up online. Fortunately, we are pulling in 6 figures in profit within the first month!"

Grace indicated she plans to release other collections to attract more customers. Grace also pointed she got her inspirations from her good friends: "I am really thankful for my good friends because they are my inspirations! Eliza represents a Princess because she's so sweet and cute. Christine is the Queen because she's so elegant and charming. Leanne is so caring she's like an Angel. While Linda is the very beautiful Goddess! Last but not least, I am a Warrior. I was never a goddess or a baby. I like to fight my way through things in life!"

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When asked if she will design a jewelry for her boyfriend, she revealed boyfriend doesn't like to wear accessories. As for if she will collaborate with boyfriend on a business together in the future, Grace said: "I don't like to talk business and numbers at home so I am not going to ask to him to a part of my business. I don't want business to hurt our relationship. Maybe other businesses in the future but we'll see."

Grace Wong(王君馨) Releases Her Own Perfumed Jewelry Line 'Dearest Grace'

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