Jun 25, 2016

Halina Tam(譚小環)'s Husband Eric Tsoi(蔡強榮) Revealed To Have Kissed A Girl At Nightclub

The currently 43 years old former Miss Hong Kong Halina Tam(譚小環) married her insurance company district manager husband Eric Tsoi(蔡強榮) in 2007. In recent years, the two started a small eatery specializing in selling fish ball and found success. Their business has been growing and they even opened a new branch earlier this year.

Halina and her husband Eric have been busy looking after their eateries. Their relationship appeared to be perfect from the outside, matching their perfect smiles. However, little did we know that Eric was out having fun behind wife's back. According to a magazine report today, Eric was photographed kissing a girl at nightclub. It is said these pictures were taken four years ago, which means it happened after he married Halina!

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Eric accepted media's interview claiming these pictures were from a long time ago, he said: "Just look at the hairstyle and the way I dressed in the pictures, I think these were taken from at least 10 years ago. I haven't been to  nightclub in these past few years. I am not that good at drinking and I can get easily drunk. My wife doesn't like me getting drunk. Also, my health hasn't been good so I don't go out anymore. I don't even drink all that much now. As for what actually happened in these picture, I really don't have a clue. I think it happened when I was drunk." ( Eric also claimed he hopes he can receive forgiveness from Halina since she's the most important person in his life.

In regards to husband kissing a girl at nightclub, Halina replied back to the media via SMS, she wrote: "Eric is not that good at drinking and can get easily drunk. He already explained the situation to me and said he's sorry. All in all, I've decided to forgive him! Of course I don't feel happy about what happened. I am going to need some time to digest this matter. I hope everyone can give us some space. Thank you."

Halina Tam(譚小環)'s Husband Eric Tsoi(蔡強榮) Revealed To Have Kissed A Girl At Nightclub

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  1. LOL That's the faith of being Miss Hong Kong. They all end up with cheating boyfriends and husbands. Kevin Cheng Will dump Grace Chan for a even younger girl! Mark my words!

  2. This is something I don't get, this fat, ugly old dude is cheating on his wife and his fairly attractive wife forgives him. Whatt??? why??

    And why are men so incredibly stupid? You cheat with bar chicks who want you for your money to risk losing an attractive wife, one which I doubt he can ever replace, unless it's with gold digging women who will end up leaving you anyway.

    God people are so stupid.