Jun 14, 2016

Hiromi Wada(裕美) Rumored To Be Having An Affair With Hugo Wong(黃子恆), Confirms Divorce With Husband

According to a magazine report today, the married Hiromi Wada(裕美) is rumored to be having an affair with TVB actor Hugo Wong(黃子恆). It is said they were photographed buying groceries for dinner and even spent the night together. Regarding the rumor, the media contacted Hiromi for a response, she said: "Yes, I was at his home but it was for a dinner party with a bunch of people. I left at around 8 or 9 because I had things to do. (Are you dating Hugo?) He's my very good friend. We are currently filming the drama series 'My Dearly Sinful Mind(心理追兇Mind Hunter)' together and he has been teaching me a lot. All in all, we are not together and not dating!"

When the reporter asked Hiromi if her husband Jason Lam(林恩浩) minds about the affair rumor, she said: "I have been single for more than 6 months now. We are currently in the process of a divorce. I was crying every day when I was having problems with my husband. The divorce was due to religious differences. I didn't even tell my mother until recently." As for when did her marriage start having problems, Hiromi said: "It has been awhile. The only thing I can say is we were having personality conflicts. We tried to work things out but it didn't help. I am still friends with my husband."

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Hiromi once considered suicide during the low point of her career. With the divorce, Hiromi indicated she has been trying to carefully handle her emotions: "I used to suffer from mood disorder. I even considered suicide at my low point in life but I don't think about that anymore." ( In addition, Hiromi revealed she will focus on her acting career and won't need her husband's alimony. She also emphasized she's not dating Hugo Wong and she is currently single.

Hiromi Wada(裕美) Rumored To Be Having An Affair With Hugo Wong(黃子恒), Confirms Divorce With Husband

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