Jun 26, 2016

Joe Tay(鄭敬基) Nearly Dies From Heart Attack, Has Angioplasty To Reopen Shut Artery

The currently 53 years old Joe Tay(鄭敬基) was recently married in May. Out of nowhere, Joe shared a picture of himself resting at the hospital with tubes coming out of his hands onto Instagram, he wrote: "Successful surgery! I want to thank all the doctors and staff who treated me during the 2-hours long procedure! Thank you God for staying by my side during the surgery. Please rest assured that I am all okay."

The media immediately contacted Joe to ask him about his surgery, he indicated he was at the hospital for about two and a half days and he just returned home earlier this afternoon. Joe said: "The matter happened so fast. I never thought this would happen to me. It was a miracle from God that I didn't die from a sudden heart attack. I had a surgery called the angioplasty. My left main coronary artery was almost 90% clogged."

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Wife's Uncle Finds Out About The Problem After Checking My Pulse
Joe also mentioned he went to visit his wife's uncle in Calgary after his pre-wedding party in Toronto, he said: "Wife's uncle is a well known local traditional Chinese physician. I went to his clinic and let him check my pulse out of curiosity. He said my heart has problem and I should have my heart checked by a doctor. At the time, I didn't think too much of it. You know, I've always eat healthy and exercise. But wife's aunt was worried and got me in touch with a good cardiologist in Hong Kong to run some tests on my heart."

Wants To Remind Everyone To Take Care of Their Health
Joe admitted he wants to share this story because he wants to remind everyone to take care of their bodies, he said: "I feel I eat pretty healthy myself. My friends always try to encourage me to eat more sugary food instead. I may eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis but my artery was still clogged. ( Can you imagine how many people in Hong Kong have this ticking time bomb inside their hearts right now? There's a reason why heart disease is the leading cause of death in Hong Kong. I probably wouldn't have find out about my condition if I didn't visit my wife's uncle. I am really thankful. I hope this story can help other people as well."

Joe Tay(鄭敬基) Nearly Dies From Heart Attack, Has Angioplasty To Reopen Shut Artery

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