Jun 17, 2016

Kelly Cheung(張曦雯)'s Old Pictures Stir Plastic Surgery Rumors

The very beautiful TVB artiste Kelly Cheung(張曦雯) has always been known for having big eyes and high nose. However, in recent days, someone created an account on Instagram with the username "plastickellybeanx" and claimed to share pictures of Kelly before she had plastic surgery! When the media contacted Kelly, she said: "Yes, these are pictures of me. I took these when I was 15 years old. Even I don't have an explanation why I don't like that anymore."

Insists She Never Had Any Plastic Surgery
Initially, Kelly didn't know who shared these pictures online or how that person got a hold of her pictures. Afterward, she said: "I think it's a guy. I should know who that person is. He tagged me in a post before but I didn't care too much at first. (How did he get your pictures?) I don't know. These were taken back when I was living in the US. I know I looked more chubbier in the past but I never had any plastic surgery!"

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When asked if she feels unhappy over that matter, she indicated there's nothing she can do. As for if she thinks people will think she had plastic surgery, she said: "Not really, I've always looked the same. It's never been an issue for me."

Kelly Cheung(張曦雯)'s Old Pictures Stir Plastic Surgery Rumors

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