Jun 25, 2016

Kitman Mak(麥潔文) Explains Why She Forgives Kwong Wa(江華) For Cheating With Sheren Tang(鄧萃雯)

Veteran singer and renown singing teacher Kitman Mak(麥潔文) accepted a radio station's interview to talk about her past. Kitman mentioned she fell in love with actor Kwong Wa(江華) after working on a music special together at ATV in 1991 and secretly got married in 1992. The two also have a son and a daughter together.

Takes Initiative To Get His Phone Number
When talked about meeting Kwong Wa for the first time in the past, Kitman admitted she was the one who took the initiative to get to know him: "I've never met someone that made me fall head over heels like him. He's just so special. The most important thing is he doesn't sweet talk like all the other guys. He never treated me any differently just because I was a popular singer at the time. I was attracted by his 'Realness'. I got his phone number and started asking him out for dates." ( When asked if she minds Kwong Wa is eight years younger than her or that he doesn't make as much as her, Kitman said: "I don't mind at all! I am a very casual person so I don't care much about those things."

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"Couldn't Blacklist Him Just Because He Made One Mistake"
Kwong Wa once fell in love with Sheren Tang(鄧萃雯) after filming a drama series together in 1996. When asked how could she forgive her husband's mistake, Kitman said: "What everyone saw was he made a mistake. But they didn't know how much good he did for the family. I couldn't blacklist him just because he made one mistake. There was no way I would give up an entire forest due to this one stain. At the time, our two kids were still young. I had to look at the big picture, because I didn't want to make a decision I'd later regret."

Kitman Mak(麥潔文) Explains Why She Forgives Kwong Wa(江華) For Cheating With Sheren Tang(鄧萃雯)

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