Jun 14, 2016

Lawrence Ng(吳啟華) Confirms He's An 'Immortal' In Drama Series 'Presumed Accident(純熟意外)'

Actor Lawrence Ng(吳啟華) has appeared in period costume and also in modern suit jacket in the currently airing TVB drama series "Presumed Accident(純熟意外)". In addition, he was able to walk away unharmed after he suffered a fatal car accident in the 6th episode of the drama series. It's no wonder so many viewers have been guessing if he's actually an immortal or not. Some even joked that his secret identity is one of the immortals from the drama series "Blue Veins(殭)".

In regards to this "Immortal" character, Lawrence finally revealed the secret! He indicated his character is actually a 700 years old being that was born in the Yuan dynasty. During an interview with the media, Lawrence said: "My character has been living since the Yuan dynasty. It was princess Selena Li(李施嬅) who fed me the elixir of life when I was about to die back then. (So is your character similar to Kevin Cheng(鄭嘉穎)'s character in Blue Veins?) I never watched that show. The one thing I can say is I have the ability to regenerate but I don't have any other super powers."

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Lawrence pointed out he turned down people from visiting him during filming in order to keep his character's identity a secret. He also especially thanked producer Andy Chan(陳耀全) for crafting this interesting character for him to play!

Lawrence Ng(吳啟華) Confirms He's An 'Immortal' In Drama Series 'Presumed Accident(純熟意外)'

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