Jun 12, 2016

Louisa Mak(麥明詩)'s Boyfriend Joe Lam(林作) Caught Going On A Date With Girl?

Joe Lam(林作) and Louisa Mak(麥明詩) have been rumored they will get married soon. In recent weeks, there was even a rumor claiming Joe's mother is planning to buy a luxury home for the two to live in after getting married. The 26 years old Joe Lam graduated from Oxford University and became a lawyer in Hong Kong. With his superb background, it's no wonder girls are throwing themselves at him. Earlier in February this year, Joe was photographed clubbing with 3 girls in Lan Kwai Fong district while his girlfriend Louisa Mak was working in England.

Yesterday, a reader spotted Joe hanging out with a girl on the street during midnight. The media immediately contacted Joe to ask about the matter, he said: "Hahaha. (So did you ask for that girl's phone number?) Nah, I actually know her. Lousia knows her too. We are all friends. In fact, we were out with a group of friends. I called Uber to drop us off at another club. So that wasn't my chauffeur."

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Concerning why he was alone with that girl when he was supposed to be hanging out with a group of friends, Joe explained: "The other two girls got into my friend's car. We were actually going to a different club and one car couldn't fit all of us." When asked if his girlfriend who is currently filming in China knew he was out clubbing, he said: "Yes, she knew about it. I told her. (Do you think girlfriend is going be angry with you?) She knows the girl too. They met when they were studying in England."

As for if he will limit himself from going clubbing from now on to make his girlfriend more at ease, Joe said: "If people are making up stories, then I really have some explaining to do. You know what... I was actually worried she may get mad at me!"

Louisa Mak(麥明詩)'s Boyfriend Joe Lam(林作) Caught Going On A Date With Girl?

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