Jul 19, 2016

2015 Miss Hong Kong 2nd Runner-Up Karmen Kwok(郭嘉文) Revealed To be Dating Richard Li(李澤楷)?

The currently 49 years old business tycoon Richard Li(李澤楷), with an estimated net worth of over $35 billion, is known as one of most eligible bachelors in Hong Kong. His love life has been unstoppable after his divorce with ex-wife Isabella Leong(梁洛施) back in 2011. In the past 5 years, he has been photographed multiple times going on overseas trips with different women.

Earlier this year on Valentine's Day, a reader named Mr. Chan took a picture of Richard on a romantic vacation with an attractive woman in Tokyo, Japan. According to reliable sources, Richard's new woman turns out to be the 23 years old 2015 Miss Hong Kong 2nd runner-up Karmen Kwok(郭嘉文). She's currently serving as one of the hosts for TVB program "Scoop(東張西望)". It is said the two hit if off at the end of last year and Richard even brought Karmen to Tokyo to spend their first Valentine's day together!

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The media immediately contacted Richard about his new relationship with Miss Hong Kong 2nd runner-up Karmen. However, he only replied back with: "???" ( After repeated attempts to ask Richard about the matter, he finally replied back via SMS: "Work has been very busy lately. Don't want to talk about relationship. Thank you for the concern." Although Richard didn't deny or admit to anything, it seemed he wants to keep this relationship as low-key as possible.

2015 Miss Hong Kong 2nd Runner-Up Karmen Kwok(郭嘉文) Revealed To be Dating Richard Li(李澤楷)?

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  1. Miss Hong Kong is just a way for rich people to pick their mistresses....

  2. this rich man always look for 20s gal to fxx...after Isabella then who n who..good luck karmen..