Jul 23, 2016

36 Years Old Singer Jade Kwan(關心妍) Gives Birth To Baby Daughter Jovia

The currently 36 years old singer Jade Kwan(關心妍) recently revealed her due date to be very soon. She also has been posting pictures of her huge pregnant belly onto social media and disclosing her anxiety on giving birth, she wrote: "My due date will be here in about a week. So nervous. My belly is so huge. Being a mom is really not easy at all. I want to give a salute to all the moms out there. I finally understand the greatness and sacrifice of being a mom all come from the power of love."

At around 9:09 pm on July 23rd, 2016, Jade posted a picture of her baby's little feet on Facebook, she wrote: "Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him. (Psalm 127:3) My baby daughter Yang Wing Sum(楊榮心) was born today. Thank you Lord. Let me rest for a bit, I will bring little Jovia to meet everyone soon! ♥♥♥" ( Jade's husband Jonas Young(楊長智) also left a message on her Facebook account thanking Jade for giving birth to a daughter for the family: "It must have been tiring for you!"

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Although Jade didn't reveal the face of her precious baby daughter to the public, she still received many well wishes from fans. Congratulation, Jade!

36 Years Old Singer Jade Kwan(關心妍) Gives Birth To Baby Daughter Jovia

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