Jul 21, 2016

A Fist Within Four Walls(城寨英雄) Overview And Promotional Stills

A Fist Within Four Walls(城寨英雄) is a TVB period martial arts action drama series directed by Jazz Boon(文偉鴻) starring Ruco Chan(陳展鵬), Nancy Wu(胡定欣), Benjamin Yuen(袁偉豪), Carlo Ng(吳家樂), Philip Ng(伍允龍), and Yuen Qiu(元秋).

[Chor Au Kuen/左勾拳(Ruco Chan/陳展鵬)] bears the pain and grief of losing his family and returns back to the walled city in hopes of finding his long lost older sister. The place he once grew up in has turned into a lawless jungle riddled with crimes. 

While concealing his true identity as a Bajiquan master, he's using his brand new identity to become friends with feisty salon lady boss [Tiu Lan/刁蘭((Nancy Wu/胡定欣)], a dentist [Duan Ying Fung/段迎風(Benjamin Yuen/袁偉豪)], a handyman [But Tak Liu/畢得了(Alex Lam/林子善)], and highly skilled martial artist [Lung Shing Fu/玉波鳳(Yuen Qiu/元秋)].

In order to restore law and order within the walled city, Chor Au Kuen unites everyone by setting up a neighborhood welfare association to fight against the criminal forces. As a result, he clashes with Yuk Bo Fung's son [Yuk Bo Fung/龍成虎(Philip Ng/伍允龍)], who's an underground fighting champion.

Just as everything is starting to get back on track, a key figure in the triad mysteriously dies under the attack of a Bajiquan master. Chor Au Kuen and Tiu Lan join forces to investigate the matter and discover striptease group leader [Fa Man/花曼(Grace Wong/王君馨)] was behind the attack. At the same time, the truth behind the death of Chor Au Kuen's father is also unraveled. However, one thing that Chor Au Kuen can't get over is his friend is secretly a member of a merciless assassin group. Now, he's forced into a fight of his life with his best friend that was supposed to happen 15 years ago....

A Fist Within Four Walls(城寨英雄) TVB 2016

A Fist Within Four Walls(城寨英雄) Overview And Promotional Stills

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