Jul 21, 2016

Daddy Dearest(超能老豆) Overview And Promotional Stills

Daddy Dearest(超能老豆) is a TVB modern day family drama series directed by Poon Ka Tak(潘嘉德) starring Johnson Lee(李思捷), Jason Chan(陳智燊), Mandy Wong(黃智雯), Candice Chiu(趙希洛), and Alice Chan(陳煒).

The rapacious [Kuk Chi Keung/谷自強(Johnson Lee/李思捷)] takes his son [Kuk Chi Keung/谷筱楠(Marcus Lo/羅梓龍)] back home to live with him after his ex-wife remarries. Due to his lack of knowledge in child care, he feels helpless as he's trying to set a good example for his son. Luckily, he meets [Flower Chu Lai Fa/諸麗花(Mandy Wong/黃智雯)] who runs a child education center. With the help of Flower, Chi Keung slowly learns to become a better father. However, he's also on the verge of being unemployed....

On the other hand, renowned architect [Sean Sheung Nim Shu/常念書(Jason Chan/陳智燊)] devotes himself to work and leaves family matters to the hands of his father [Sheung Sun/常新(Pat Poon/潘志文)] and wife [Vivian Ho Lok Chi/何樂姿(Candice Chiu/趙希洛)]. At the same time, Sean's oldest daughter [Sheung Yet/常逸(Pearl Chan/陳偲穎)] suffers a defeat at a music competition and youngest son [Sheung Yee/常懿(Haysan Chan/陳柏熹)] is preparing to enter primary school, which lead to a huge fight between his wife and his father. So Sean decides to intervene and changes his role with his wife to become a stay-at-home father to understand his children better...

Coincidentally, the unemployed Chi Keung takes over Flower's child education center in hopes making a name for himself in the education industry. Due to this, he meets the newly "stay-at-home father" Sean. The two help each other out while learning the ropes of becoming competent fathers through many twists and turns with laughters and cries....

Daddy Dearest(超能老豆) TVB 2016

Daddy Dearest(超能老豆) Overview And Promotional Stills

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