Jul 12, 2016

Jessica Kan(簡淑兒) Shares Old Picture To Dispute Plastic Surgery Rumors

Girl group Girls' Sample(少女標本) member Jessica Kan(簡淑兒)'s popularity has been on the rise due to her innocent girl-next-door character in the drama series "Come Home Love: Dinner At 8(愛.回家之八時入席)". Her cute smile has mesmerized many male fans in an instant!

However, with popularity comes criticism. There have been rumors of her having plastic surgery to make herself look more beautiful. Jessica then immediately posted old picture of herself onto Instagram to dispute the various rumors, she wrote: "I took this picture during my college graduation in 2011. That was way back when I was still in the U.S. before I participated in the Miss Hong Kong pageant. (I must admit I was fat and dark at the time!) It can't be helped that someone is trying to nitpick from the same set pictures all the time!" Jessica seemed to be quite angry over the rumors. Afterward, she also apologized for her comment and admitted she has low EQ.

Jessica Kan(簡淑兒) Shares Old Pictures To Dispute Plastic Surgery Rumors

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  1. Her face went from wide to narrow. But her original bone structure suggests that even if she had lost weight, there would still be very sharp cheekbones which doesn't look the case at all now. She might not have had PS, but botox is a possibility.