Jul 14, 2016

Kwan Lai Kit(關禮傑) Won't Prevent Daughter From Participating In Miss Hong Kong Pageant

Actor Kwan Lai Kit(關禮傑)'s daughter Fabienne Kwan(關楓馨) is graduating from University so his entire family flew to England to attend daughter's graduation ceremony. He responded to the media in regards to his daughter's big milestone in life, he said: "I am currently in England attending Fabienne's graduation ceremony. She's 21 years old this year and majors in education. I will stay in England for two more days before flying to Italy with the family for a two weeks vacation ."

When asked if Kwan Lai Kit's highly educated daughter is interested in participating in the Miss Hong Kong pageant in the future, he said: "Of course I want my daughter to finish her education first. She wants to get a job after graduation and sees the world a bit. Let's see if she's still qualified next year. She needs someone to nominate her as well. I think participating in Miss Hong Kong pageant is a nice learning experience. So we'll see if she's interested next year! (You look so young standing next to your daughter. Do you have any tips on how to stay youthful?) I am a man so I don't really know this sort of things. Maybe I don't have that much stress because I am not in charge of my daughters' education. So that's why people think I look young."

Kwan Lai Kit(關禮傑) Won't Prevent Her Daughter From Participating In Miss Hong Kong Pageant

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