Jul 19, 2016

Michelle Chen(陳妍希), Chen Xiao(陳曉) Hold Beautiful Lakeside Wedding In China

Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen(陳妍希) and Chinese actor Chen Xiao(陳曉) held their wedding ceremony in Yanqi Lake, Beijing, China earlier today on July 19th, 2016. At around 5 pm, the groom appeared before everyone getting ready for the biggest day of his life. Soon after, the bride finally made her appearance sitting in a white small boat slowly floating towards the groom. It turns out the meaning behind Michelle sitting in a boat at the wedding is exactly as it implies: Floating Across The Ocean To Marry You(飄洋過海來嫁你)!"

The Baby Is A Surprise
In regards to the rumor that the wedding was arranged due to the unplanned pregnancy, the couple claimed the two already had plans to get married and the baby was a surprise. Michelle said: "We really did plan for a marriage first. I guess the baby was a gift from God to us." Chen Xiao also added: "I proposed to Michele last year on September 29th. I made a promise to her to get marred on the same day next year. We also actually planned to get our wedding licenses on my birthday. So pretty much everything went according to plan. But the baby was a big surprise for us."

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Will Listen To "Whatever Michelle Says"
Chen Xiao also talked about the reason why he picked Yanqi Lake for his wedding with Michelle, he said: "Yanqi and Michelle's Chinese name Yan Hsi are pronounced the same in Mandarin. I already fell in love with the place the first time I was here. I knew Michelle wanted to have the wedding by the sea. Sure we are having the wedding by the lake right now but the scenery is still beautiful. I feel she likes it here." ( As for who will make decision at home after marriage, Chen Xiao said: "Whatever Michelle says!"

Michelle Chen(陳妍希), Chen Xiao(陳曉) Hold Beautiful Lakeside Wedding In China

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