Aug 25, 2016

June Chan(陳琪) Takes Maternity Photos With Daughters

Actress June Chan(陳琪) is currently pregnant with her third child. In recent days, she took time from her busy schedule to take maternity pictures at a studio with her two daughters. In fact, June's husband Jack Wu(胡諾言) also accompanied the family to the studio but he didn't want to appear in the photo-shoot, she said: "Jack came with us too but he said no to taking pictures. He said he already took maternity pictures before when I was pregnant with our first child. I actually want to come back here once again when little brother is born so the three siblings can take pictures together."

June also revealed her two daughters appeared unsatisfied with her showing her belly during the photo-shoot, she said: "My two daughters didn't look too happy when I showed off my belly. They asked how come mommy is showing her belly. After a few pictures, the younger daughter asked older sister to help her show her belly as well. So that's why I've always said that kids are good at imitating."

June Chan(陳琪) Takes Maternity Photos With Daughters

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