Aug 18, 2016

Nancy Wu(胡定欣) Flaunts Her Elegant Side In Beautiful Black Tube Dress

Nancy Wu(胡定欣) attended a car event wearing an elegant black tube dress. She joked that picking a car is similar to picking a boyfriend and she wished her other half can be wonderful both inside and out. When asked if the newly single Nancy has a new target, she said: "Maybe you guys can help me. (Why don't you ask your friends to help you?) They probably keep them for themselves if they find any nice guys. Wait, I think only Selena Li(李施嬅) and I are still single. I hope we like different guys!

When inquired if she's ready for a new relationship, Nancy said: "I am keeping my options open. I hope to find someone that is wonderful inside and out. He needs to be powerful too." She also emphasized she won't date younger guys and she needs someone that can give her a sense of security. As for if she will go public with her relationship next time, Nancy said: "I will see when the time comes."

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Nancy also revealed she will be filming producer Jazz Boon(文偉鴻)'s new drama series "The Unholy Alliance(同盟)" with Ruco Chan(陳展鵬) and Paw Hee Ying(鮑起靜). She indicated she's excited to work with Paw Hee Ying and the drama series will have many fight scenes.

Nancy Wu(胡定欣) Flaunts Her Elegant Side In Beautiful Black Tube Dress

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