Sep 13, 2016

Crystal Fung(馮盈盈) Admits To Using Profanity On Facebook: It Was Youthful Ignorance

The newly crowned Miss Hong Kong 2016 Crystal Fung(馮盈盈) was revealed to have left numerous comments with profanity on Facebook directed at Chief Executive of Hong Kong Leung Chun Ying(梁振英) and the pro-Beijing camp a few years ago. Crystal appeared before the media for the very first time at TVB city accepting questions from reporters and admitted to have used vulgar language on Facebook in the past.

Crystal stated she did leave those comments on her personal Facebook account way back when she first started university and claimed it was due to youthful ignorance, she said: "I was affected by the school atmosphere at the time. I was born and bred in Hong Kong so I do pay close attention to the current events in the city. That's why I had such strong emotion and made some critical remarks to what was happening at the time."

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Crystal also emphasized her usual demeanor is completely different and that she was only trying to express her frustrations with her close friends on Facebook, she said: "There's no way I would say something so vulgar in regular-day life. A girl should be well-mannered and shouldn't say things like that."
When asked if she will watch what she says in the future, Crystal said: "Wisdom comes from experience. Now that I've graduated and entered the work force, I feel I've become more mature. I understand there are different perspectives to a situation. ( (Do you think your past actions will affect the image of Miss Hong Kong?) No one is perfect in this world. I will watch what I say in the future. I feel there's a sense of new found responsibility the moment I put on this pageant crown. It's heavy!"

Crystal Fung(馮盈盈) Admits To Using Profanity On Facebook: It Was Youthful Ignorance

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